Public Launch of TAPP (Press Release)

Launch of TAPP, a revolutionary platform that lets you privately crowd-source the management of your contacts.

LONDON & DUBAI, September 26, 2012 — TAPP Networks is happy to announce the launch of its game-changing contact-sharing and management platform, TAPP.  A free service with apps for iOS (Apple) and Blackberry devices, TAPP, solves several every-day problems faced in exchanging and managing contact information, including capturing other people’s contact information, keeping it up to date, and sharing different information with different people during the evolution of a relationship.


"Contact information is exchanged and used every day, yet the problems we have been putting up with for years, have never been adequately, or elegantly fixed”, said Naush Malik, founder of TAPP Networks. “It’s crazy that when you meet 20 new people at a conference, you have to spend time typing in their information, while each of them needs to type in your contact information - and then when something changes, you have to do more work. In fact, the more people you meet, the more work you have to do. We felt that it is time to shift this paradigm, so that you essentially crowd-source the entry and management of other people’s contact information.”


“TAPP revolutionizes the experience entirely, doing away with all the pain points, and increasing productivity.  With TAPP, exchanging contact information is more intuitive. When you meet someone, the only thing you type is a TAPP ID.  Automatically you get one another’s contact information into your phone’s addressbook.  You each decide which contact information you wish to share. When your own information changes, you update it in TAPP, and those that had the old information, get the update automatically.  TAPP makes it easy to connect with those you already know, based on your existing phone and social contacts.”


“Contact information is a big deal, and keeping it private and secure was of paramount importance for us”, explains Malik, “we wanted to build a platform that focused on contact information only, so that you can use with any type of contact, from both your professional and personal life. TAPP helps you manage these different identities, and lets you be contacted through your chosen medium.”  TAPP is being launched at a time when people are increasingly concerned about how their content and personal data held by networking sites is being used by advertisers, recruiters and businesses.”


Previously a private equity professional and investment banker, Malik together with his team focuses on leveraging prevailing technologies to solve a universal problem that is acute for business professionals.


Free iPhone and Blackberry apps are now available, and can be accessed through the website at www.myTAPP.com, or through your mobile browser at www.TAPPdownload.com.  An Android version of the app will follow, as well as tools / CRM services for businesses that wish to better connect with their customers and associates.


TAPP was a finalist at Seedcamp London and won the INSEAD MBA Business Venture Competition.



Naush Malik


TAPP ID: naush786

Press Kit: http://bit.ly/QUfoIc

We are looking for our CTO / Head of Engineering


Our iOS and Blackberry apps (Android is next) update the contacts on your phone - if I change my number or job in TAPP, the contact saved on your phone gets updated automatically.

We created TAPP in response to the need for a smarter, private way of exchanging and managing contact information.

Assume you exchange 50 business cards today. 50 “near strangers” need to type in YOUR contact information in to THEIR phones, and you need to do the same. And then every time they change something, you have to do more work.

TAPP helps you crowd-source the management of your contacts, privately.

We solve an old problem that is getting worse. People manage more contact information than ever before. You don’t just have an e-mail and a phone number. You have several phone numbers, emails, Skype, Twitter, blogs, addresses - and you want to be contacted differently by different people at different times – context matters. Due to this, new platforms and changing technology, your contact information changes more than ever before.


Phone contacts are the first step. Contact information EVERYWHERE is stored statically. We will work with businesses and service providers, so that when you update your contact information in TAPP, your bank statement comes to the right place, your flight reminder goes to the right phone etc.

We can do this, because we exclusively focus on contact information - the glue that holds everything together.

TAPP will be building an API, and enterprise tools and solutions to complement the apps in the hands of our users.


Work with the founder, and initially lead a young, outsourced team of engineers to support and enhance our products

Manage the eventual transition to a team of agile and hungry engineers, which you will identify and recruit

Drive the product vision with a flexible and open mind – we have a product roadmap “strawman” which you will refine/develop/throw-out

Create functional specifications, mock ups, prototypes, and workflows to define the user experience of new features

Manage the existing product, and release and measurement of new features

Bring best-in-class know how to software design, scalability, collaboration and QA

Contribute positivity and leadership, assume responsibility and accountability


Bachelors in Computer Engineering / Science

5+ years of professional experience as a software developer - You have the technical nous to direct our engineering team and ability to step into the shoes of our audience of developers.

At least 2 years of startup experience (less than 10 employees)

Willing to get your hands dirty, but able to delegate effectively

Experience with iPhone, Android and/or other mobile platforms

At least 3 years experience with Java and frameworks (Spring, Struts, Hibernate)

Your own code is logical, streamlined, documented and elegant

Comfortable reviewing and auditing other developer’s code

UX and design sensibility

You’re comfortable with RESTful JSON APIs, Google Maps API, MySQL, OAuth, Git and test driven development

You’ve integrated with external services and platforms, especially Facebook, Linkedin, and are curious about how to put these integrations to use in clever ways


1. Winner INSEAD MBA Business Venture Competition

2. Finalist at Seedcamp London

3. Hottest Startup in Singapore / Top 50 apps in Asia

4. TechCrunch Disrupt NYC 2012

5. Engineering team previously built apps for Kayak and Indeed

6. Founder: http://www.linkedin.com/in/naushmalik

Please send your CV and cover e-mail to naush.malik@myTAPP.com